ZAR Guitars

“It is naturally given to all men to esteem their own inventions best.”
Thomas More


From a medieval town in the precise centre of Italy, ZAR is creating finely crafted instruments from sawdust.

The art of these craftings goes back to 2010 when Jacopo Naspi – founder of ZAR – started, in a small wood workshop, his first creations driven by unconscious tendencies.

Every guitar or bass was shaped, assembled and disassembled in a positivist ritual of analysis and theoretical definition. The laboratory grew smoother when friends-musicians started to ask for bespoke representations of their vanities.

Slowly, ZAR’s bodies and vibrations spread all around, reaching Rome and emitting sounds throughout Italy while in the laboratory Jacopo was continuing the incessant work of perfection of his methods and processes.

In the summer of 2017, ZAR decided to aim broader and to engage with global markets, where ideas and musicians are an intricated blend of strings and most different tunes.

Jacopo contacted his friend first-ever bassist Alberto Venditti, creative director in London, to join the adventure and to become a duo of craft & trade.

They are currently working together to shape ZAR’s brand new series of basses and guitars and to bring to musicians and their vanities unimagined bespoke instruments.

We create the bodies, you blow their souls.